Support Groups

Monthly Support Groups

We offer a number of traditional support groups for adult survivors. The emotions experienced after homicides are unique and something that is only fully understood by other survivors. At our support groups, you are able to sit and talk with other survivors about their reactions, without fear of judgment or you can just take the time to listen.

Walk and Talk Support Group

We recognize that for some survivors, sitting and talking about what happened in their lives can be difficult. We also find that exercise and movement can be very beneficial in the healing process. In our Walk and Talk Support Group, survivors meet at Reid Park to take a stroll around the park. This group is closed from Memorial Day to Labor Day but then will resume in the fall, see our calendar or contact our office for more information.

Healing through Yoga

Healing through Yoga is a trauma-informed yoga session where survivors have a chance to safely experiment with movement, breathwork, and meditation as a vehicle for healing. This alternative form of therapy and healing was launched in the summer of 2018. Survivors participate in a one-hour class that concludes with an optional essential oil therapy with a gentle neck and head massage. This is an all-levels yoga class, no experience necessary and beginners are welcome!

Hope & healing workshops

Our Hope & Healing Workshops offer survivors an opportunity to connect with their community, while holding a safe and creative atmosphere for survivors to express their emotions.  Workshops include:

  • Picnic at Agua Caliente Park
  • Baking Cookies
  • All Souls Craft Making 
  • Planting Terrariums
  • Candle Making
  • Painting & Jewelry Making

Coming soon: Art Studio Workshop

Click here for a calendar of our upcoming support groups, workshops and events.

Parenting Through Trauma

Parenting through Trauma (due to the loss of a loved one by homicide, suicide, or DUI) is in partnership with JFCS of Southern Arizona & Tu Nidito.

This program offers an opportunity for children and caregivers to come together and experience a coordinated trauma sensitive curriculum that educates about child development, parenting, trauma and grief.

youth mentoring

With hundreds of youth in Pima County losing a loved one to violence each year, there is a huge need for adult survivors who can mentor and support youth as they grieve. In partnership with One on One mentoring, we work to provide positive influences and role models for youth who are grieving the murder of a loved one and to show them that there is hope & support.


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