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Supporting Family and Friends of Homicide Victims

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Grief Resources for survivors

Click on the link below button to access our new booklet for survivors. This booklet will take you from the first week through the entire grieving process. While this will not take away your pain, the first portion will help guide you through the confusion of funeral planning and what happens the first week after a murder. The second portion will provide you with tips on working through the grief itself.

We hope you find this helpful as you begin this painful journey. Please do not hesitate to contact our office to be provided direct assistance and access to our services. As always, our services are free of charge. 

Support Groups

You are not alone. 

Attending your first meeting takes courage, but most find it a comforting network of support, friendship, and understanding that only those who have been there can give. The meetings are a time for sharing stories, experiences and emotions. We share a common bond, so we are free to express any emotion: anger, sadness, frustration and sometimes even laughter.

Grupo de Apoyo

No esta solo

Atender a su primera junta requiere valor de su parte, pero el mayor parte de los que asisten a las juntas encuentran el consuelo, amistad y comprensión que solo personas que han sobrevivido esta tragedia pueden brindar. Durante las juntas, compartimos nuestras historias, experiencias y sentimientos. Tenemos un enlace en común y somos libres para expresar a cualquier emoción: coraje, tristeza, frustración, y a veces nos reímos.

Adult Support Groups

We offer a number of traditional support groups for adult survivors. The emotions experienced after a homicide are unique and something that is only fully understood by other survivors. At our support groups, survivors are able to sit in solidarity and talk with other survivors about their reactions, without fear or concern of judgment. 

They are held on the first Tuesday and third Thursday of every month. Contact our office for more information on location and times. 

Walk and Talk Support Group

We recognize that for some survivors, sitting and talking about what has happened in their lives is difficult. We also find that exercise and movement can be very helpful in the healing process. In our Walk and Talk Support Group, survivors meet at Reid Park to talk while strolling around the park.  

This groups meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Contact our office for more information on location and times. 

Groupo de Apoyo en Espanol

Esa groupo se celebran en el primer martes y el tercer jueves de cada mes en las tardes. Contactarnos para informacion sobre locacion y tiempos de nuestros groupos. 

Kids Support Group

Many times, kid survivors struggle to process grief while the adults in their lives struggle to know how to help. School aged kids (5 to 15) have an opportunity to meet with other kids and process emotions and learn coping strategies while their parents or guardians are also attending group. Licensed therapists and trained volunteers help to facilitate the group. 

They are held on the first Tuesday and third Thursday of every month. Contact our office for more information on location and times. 

Cold Case/Unsolved Support Group

Cold Case/Unsolved Support Group is for those suffering from the loss of a loved one to murder, whose case is unsolved or has become cold. It is a group for survivors who have yet to experience due process, justice or even know the suspect's name in their loved ones case. Only those who have experienced this extra level of trauma can really understand the pain of all the unanswered questions. 

It is held on the second Monday of every month. 

88 Crime is a valuable asset to our community and you can find more information regarding Unsolved Cases on their website here.