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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Tucson Homicide Survivors.  Homicide Survivors, Inc. is a non-profit victim assistance organization. Homicide Survivors has served victims in Tucson and Southern Arizona since 1982. This program offers services at no charge to all survivors of homicide victims.

Our Mission

Homicide Survivors, Inc. is a nonprofit victim assistance organization dedicated to meeting the crisis and long term needs of families of murder victims. Through support, advocacy and assistance we help survivors cope emotionally, stabilize economically and help survivors seek justice for their loved ones. Homicide Survivors is committed to ensuring that no one has to endure the murder of a loved one alone. We can’t change the tragic loss, but together, we can ease the pain & prevent further victimization.

Homicide Survivors Inc. (H.S.I.) is a non-profit victim assistance organization. We offer support, advocacy & assistance to families and friends who have lost a loved one to murder.

H.S.I. has served victims in Tucson and Southern Arizona since 1982. Our program offers services at no charge to survivors of homicide victims.


Within this page you will find detailed information regarding support assistance Homicide Survivor, Inc. provides victims families, support group details as well as additional videos you may find helpful. Should you ever need to reach an victim advocate from Homicide Survivors please click here for our contact form.

About Us

Our team is dedicated to serving the mission of Homicide Survivors, Inc. We strive to bring compassion and knowledge to all families and individuals facing the unimaginable.

Advocacy - Surviving The Criminal Justice System

Often an individual's first encounter with the criminal justice system is when they become the victim of a crime. For most crime victims, navigating through the court system can be a daunting experience. Most victims that are new to the workings of the criminal justice system may become angry and frustrated. You may feel that laws you thought were designed to protect you are really designed to protect criminals. You may wonder if the victim has any rights.


Your donation will go to good use, providing support, advocacy and assistance to new survivors. Funds are needed for crime scene cleanup and repairs, emergency shelter if the residence is not livable, food for displaced survivors and transportation and lodging for out of town families.  

Financial Assistance


If you are a new survivor and newly seeking our services, you will need to fill out an application for our services. If we have already met you or will be meeting with you, then we will fill them out at the time of our meeting.

Homicide Survivors, Inc. Founder Gail Leland

Homicide Survivors, Inc. Founder Gail Leland

After Gail Leland's 14-year-old son, Richard, was murdered in 1981, she recognized the need for support for parents of murdered children. She founded the charter chapter of Parents of Murdered Children in Tucson, Arizona, on February 19, 1982, which later became Homicide Survivors, Inc.