Liz Martinez – Bi-Lingual Advocate

Liz Martinez – Bi-Lingual Advocate

Liz Martinez is the bi-lingual advocate at Homicide Survivors. Liz has a degree in accounting from Chaparral College and has worked in mortgage loans, banking, tax preparation and bookkeeping.

She is a native Tucsonan and has three adult children; two sons & a daughter. In 1998, her youngest sister Sandra was a victim of a murder/suicide by her live-in boyfriend. She left behind three young children whom Liz then helped to raise along with her other surviving sister and mother.

After her sister’s homicide, Liz became involved with Homicide Survivors and started working as an office assistant and victim advocate from 2003 – 2004. She returned in October of 2013.

Liz enjoys hiking in the beautiful Tucson desert with her family and her dog, Sparky. After decades as a survivor, Liz feels proud and fortunate to be able to help survivors in their journeys towards acceptance, understanding & growth.



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