No one has to endure the murder of a loved one alone

Together we can ease the pain and prevent further victimization.

Homicide Survivors, Inc. is on a mission to help meet the crisis and long term need of families of murder victims through support, advocacy, and assistance.




Attending your first support group takes courage. In our meetings, we provide a supportive network of friendship and understanding where you can share stories, experiences, and emotions.



Navigating legal issues after the death of a loved one can be daunting and complex. We have Crime Victim Advocates ready to assist survivors throughout the process and inform you about our partnerships with various attorneys who can provide assistance.



When a homicide occurs, the last thing a survivor wants to think about is dealing with all of the logistical and financial burdens that this crime can bring.  Homicide Survivors may be able to help.

Youth Mentoring

With hundreds of youth in Pima County, losing a loved one to violence each year, there is a vast need for adult survivors who can mentor and support youth as they grieve. Become a mentor today! Click here for more details.

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